Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Rand Paul Sucks

You need to read this gem from Truth Addict. I don't think I've read a better critique of Rand Paul and his views and policies.

Joining The Bandwagon: Bashing Rand Paul

The comments on his blog are closed, unfortunately, so comment here if you have something to say about the content of his post. Trust me, I'm really looking forward to what Rand Paul's supporters say about this.

********* EDIT **************

I found this little article whilst searching for others' takes on Ayn Rand Paul.

Rand Paul Backers Accused Of Voter Harassment At Polls

Quite honestly, this doesn't surprise me one bit. Supporters of Rand and his father Ron can be downright fanatical (especially here in NH with the Free State movement and all their "daring" actions of provoking state cops just for the sake of getting into a brawl). But never forget that fanaticism is usually the result of frustration and anger. These people (the teabaggers, right-wing so-called "libertarians", conspiracy theorists, and everyone in between) are incredibly distraught at the system and have every reason to be; they just buy into the corporate lies and target the wrong people and engage in actions that help the system which oppresses them.

******* Second Edit********

As if this guy wasn't a big enough asshole already.

Rand Paul Calls Government Involvement With BP Spill "Un-American"

Like nationalism is a valid excuse to allow ecocide. Does this guy really think BP is going to do ANYTHING to clean up the mess they made?

Rand Paul Comes Out Against A Minimum Wage

Seriously? Maybe this guy needs to learn some labor history! Even worse are all the commenters trying to defend this dirtbag. Come on guys, I understand your frustrations with the system, but THIS GUY WANTS MORE OPPRESSION. Coming out against a minimum wage is flat-out disgusting. NOTHING you say justifies what Ayn Rand Paul supports. It is completely unethical by any standard.