Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Rand Paul Sucks

You need to read this gem from Truth Addict. I don't think I've read a better critique of Rand Paul and his views and policies.

Joining The Bandwagon: Bashing Rand Paul

The comments on his blog are closed, unfortunately, so comment here if you have something to say about the content of his post. Trust me, I'm really looking forward to what Rand Paul's supporters say about this.

********* EDIT **************

I found this little article whilst searching for others' takes on Ayn Rand Paul.

Rand Paul Backers Accused Of Voter Harassment At Polls

Quite honestly, this doesn't surprise me one bit. Supporters of Rand and his father Ron can be downright fanatical (especially here in NH with the Free State movement and all their "daring" actions of provoking state cops just for the sake of getting into a brawl). But never forget that fanaticism is usually the result of frustration and anger. These people (the teabaggers, right-wing so-called "libertarians", conspiracy theorists, and everyone in between) are incredibly distraught at the system and have every reason to be; they just buy into the corporate lies and target the wrong people and engage in actions that help the system which oppresses them.

******* Second Edit********

As if this guy wasn't a big enough asshole already.

Rand Paul Calls Government Involvement With BP Spill "Un-American"

Like nationalism is a valid excuse to allow ecocide. Does this guy really think BP is going to do ANYTHING to clean up the mess they made?

Rand Paul Comes Out Against A Minimum Wage

Seriously? Maybe this guy needs to learn some labor history! Even worse are all the commenters trying to defend this dirtbag. Come on guys, I understand your frustrations with the system, but THIS GUY WANTS MORE OPPRESSION. Coming out against a minimum wage is flat-out disgusting. NOTHING you say justifies what Ayn Rand Paul supports. It is completely unethical by any standard.


  1. I wanted to write something here before the Free Staters, ancaps, and the Paul family's rabid supporters once again come out of their hiding places and start attempting to spam this blog with their bullshit:

    Free marketeers like to say that capitalism would be a moral system if it didn't have a government (or state) propping up monopolies or going to war. In other words, they think the only reason capitalism causes horrible things is because it has a government to manipulate; take away the government and everything will be in harmony. Now, anyone who looks at history will know this is complete bullshit. Free market capitalism has never, ever, ever existed without a powerful state. As I said in a post before, under "anarcho"-capitalism there would be nothing to keep your workers from organizing and taking over the workplace. If you were a capitalist boss and there wasn't a state to union bust you'd have to rely on a militia; so what would happen if the militia decided to turn their guns on you and take your factory themselves (which I assume would happen considering how this "anarcho"-capitalist society is run on profit)? Face it, "anarcho"-capitalism or minarchist capitalism or whatever has never existed in history or real life and never will, because such a thing is 100% IMPOSSIBLE.

    Ron and Rand's supporters will cry that both father and son want to reduce the federal budget by ending US global militarism. Okay, but do they understand why the US has military bases around the world in the first place? It's to protect capitalist gains. If you were a US business owner and your entire business relied on oil from Nigeria, well, you would want to do everything in your power to keep your Nigerian wage slaves from, say, participating in a social movement that would nationalize and socialize your business, so you would probably get either the state or a militia to do that. If we didn't have a powerful army or the CIA, capitalism would create them.

    What the Pauls want to do is treat the symptoms, not end the disease. That's their entire platform, along with getting rid of all the reforms working people in this country fought for in the past 150 years. Do yourself a favor and learn about the Labor Movement in this country. See what conditions were like back then. Come up here and take a tour of the Merrimack Valley mills so you can understand what the young women and girls had to work under. Ask yourself: is that "liberty"? (I know that's a bit of a strawman argument, but really.)

  2. Ayn Rand Paul (as well as papa Ron) have already been exposed as crypto-fascists eons ago, so I don't think I need to explain any further.

  3. More proof this guy is an asshole, from an anarcho-syndicalist union blog (!).

    Rand Paul: Coal miners have got to die

    Please tell me again why I should support this guy.

  4. You say Rand Paul sucks because he disagrees with businesses having to submit to the demands of the state to not discriminate and have a minimum wage. And you call yourself an anarchist? If you really are an anarchist you'd agree the state has no right to tell businesses what they can and can't do. If you don't like a business for discriminating against black people then shop at another business. If you don't like your job because of your low salary then work hard and get another job. The market always fixes itself without state control. As for Rand Paul he is for absolute individual liberty. He supports ending the FED and bringing laws back to the states where they belong. Any anarchist would agree the control by the federal gov. needs to end to maintain our freedom.

  5. Your comment is by far one of the most misinformed things I've ever gotten on here. I decided to publish it so everyone else can see what a fucking ignoramus you are. Let's start:

    " call yourself an anarchist?"

    Yes, because I am against social HIERARCHY. Anarchism isn't just disdain for government; it's about disdain for any kind of illegitimate hierarchal relationship between people. So for example, anarchists are also AGAINST CAPITALISM and the wage (profit) system. We are also STRONGLY against racism. Now, I agree the State doesn't have the right to tell people what they can and can't do, HOWEVER we do not live in a utopian classless, stateless society. We do not live in a society where racism has been permanently exterminated. We live in a society where capitalists use racist rhetoric to divide the working class. This ideology carries on. What we need to do in the short-term is pass things like the Civil Rights Act to ensure that people's right to not be discriminated against is enforced. Working people struggled for decades for that right and we cannot let their progress be in vain.

    "If you don't like your job because of your low salary then work hard and get another job..."

    You fail to see that most wage laborers don't have that option. A wage laborer (or more blatantly put, a wage slave) has very little autonomy over their position. "Working harder" doesn't guarantee higher wages, which would in turn allow you to "get another job". And even if most wage slaves did have the option of quitting their low-end job and moving up the ladder it STILL wouldn't justify any oppression against those who remain on the bottom. In colonial Brazil, for example, chattel slaves could buy their freedom and then become business owners and slave owners themselves. You tell me if that justifies chattel slavery and all the oppression that comes with it.

    "As for Rand Paul he is for absolute individual liberty..."

    "Absolute individual liberty" how? By saying the "right" of a private property owner to discriminate or pay their wage slaves peanuts is worth more than a customer's right to not be discriminated against or the laborers' right to enjoy the results of what THEY created? Or the right of miners to have protection whilst working under extremely dangerous conditions? So I'm supposed to believe that the "right" of a boss to his/her private property trumps all of these other rights? And YOU are the "anarchist" here??? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Here's a tidbit by a REAL anarchist:

    Mikhail Bakunin Refutes 'Individualist Freedom'

    Face it, "individualist liberty" doesn't exist. You can't be free if your neighbor is in chains. You can't be free if this "freedom" of yours requires other people to be enslaved. Funny how you call yourself an "anarchist" when you don't even know what the original anarchists said.

    "He supports ending the FED and brining laws back to the states where they belong.."

    Yes, because bringing laws back to the states would give capitalists an easier time manipulating policy. And you need to stop using the Fed as a scapegoat for why the economy sucks and focus your energy on the larger picture. All of the horrible aspects of our economy (including worker exploitation, recessions, depressions, etc.) exited long before the Fed and will exist even if the Fed is done away with and we're back on the gold standard (which, by the way, would do absolutely nothing to help the economy).

    On a side note, you don't happen to be a member of the Free State Project, do you? Because they have a habit of spewing retarded comments like yours on my blog comments. Of course, I only publish a slim amount.

  6. Charles JohnstonJune 11, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Awesome job dealing with Eric, Julia. I really enjoy reading your passionate defenses of anarchist reason against capitalist nonsense. History has shown that the "states" have been even greater threats to individual freedom and civil rights than the federal government. Turning things back to the states solves nothing, but makes things worse. How about going more local and turning things over to workers' and citizens' councils? Bet these "libertarians" wouldn't want to do that! (A little thing called "Council Communism" would result...and we would have a society based on equality, justice, and democracy....imagine that!)

  7. Ok i've seen the ad's for rand paul, i personally love the fact that people are attacking him, it's funny and he deserves it, he's garbage in a fake ophthalmology lab coat...i could own him as senate, rand paul can go rot.

  8. Need we mention his endorsement of Mitt Romney?

  9. Yup. Looks like Randy Boy isn't the heir his daddy's cultists thought he would be.