Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Internet Black-Out Day

So, what did I do the other day when all the sites I usually go on were down to protest SOPA/PIPA? I went into the city and spent a few hours at the Boston Public Library doing what I promised myself I would do over winter break: that is, start gathering research for my senior thesis on money, economics, and philosophy (namely, how living in a "culture of money" shapes people's values, that kind of thing; I'll probably post interesting tibits on here later on). Whilst at the library I found two volumes of Braudel's work on capitalism and civilization which turned out to be way too much to take in. I also couldn't find the book by Polanyi that I wanted to use. I'll probably end up ordering cheap, used copies of these online since I'm already ordering books by Zelizer and Mauss.

Anyway, I leave for Baltimore on Sunday. Classes start up again the next day. Three independent studies, two classes, and a thesis and I'll be so burnt out by the end of the semester I'll never want to write again.


  1. I bought the three volumes of Civilization and Capitalism using Amazon Marketplace. The three of them were used but in excellent conditions. I only spent around $10!

    (I have enjoyed reading the first two volumes and still reading the third.)

  2. I find used books super-cheap online. I might as well buy my textbooks there since they cost an arm and a leg.