Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because Youtube Comments Are Where You'll Find Intellectual Discussion

Ridley finally posted a short video of me debating two Ron Paul campaigners during the OccupyNH actions outside the NH Primary debate.

As of now, it has about 5,600 views (which is quite a bit considering how most of Ridley's videos rarely get more than 1,000 views within three days of their postings) and over 400 comments, many of which use sexist words and phrases like "stupid bitch", "c*nt", "whore", and "I want to punch that bitch in the face so she'll shut up" all aimed at me. Really goes to show the level of shit people will spew out at someone so as long as they're hidden behind an anonymous username and a computer screen. It was posted on a few libertarian and Ron Paul websites, as every video critical of Ron Paul and/or his supporters usually are. Thankfully, an internet friend of mine, Rob (who is a left-libertarian and very pro-free market) responded to some of the commenters on facebook. He told me on skype that market anarchists of all sorts should embrace this new narrative of history and look at it from an austrian schooler perspective. I mean, what are you really going to do when it's very clear that anthropology has debunked myths economists held for centuries: continue with the myths and try to prove the damning facts wrong or reshape your theories so that they fit the newly-discovered facts? Perhaps economists should double as anthropologists as opposed to mathematicians/logicians, no? I reminded him as well, Graeber never argues that markets couldn't exist without the state; he only contends that markets would have to be radically different than they are now if they were to exist without a state (as in, we would have to build up a high amount of trust with others, which we obviously don't do under our current capitalist system).

So yeah, watch the video, comment, share it. I dislike the way my voice sounds on camera but it's not all that bad here. Vermin Supreme shows up as well.


  1. Damn! You are a total "libertarian" slayer!

    I wouldn't get too upset about those comments. People resort to bullshit like that when they lack arguments. What it says is that you destroyed that person. Although I have one criticism about your argument. At the end you should have ripped out his heart, showed it to him while it was still pumping, and then smiled. Keep up the good work, Slayer Girl;)

  2. Interesting and valid comments by a fellow anarchist, though i don't mind a tiny, limited state on the scale that the Articles of Confederation laid out.

    Julia, you impress me.

    I immediately though of this Hans-Hermann Hoppe essay that I podcasted and have listened to a couple of times.

    The fact that the Constitution gives the tax authority to the feds makes the Constitution unconstitutional.