Sunday, February 12, 2012

Protesters Throw Firebombs at Police (Athens, Greece)

Here is a video from Athens today.

Notice how the protesters carry black flags, so I'm almost certain they are insurrectionist anarchists. Crazy!

Athens is burning. There's no doubt these riots are only going to get more intense. Perhaps the state will collapse, perhaps it won't. We can only wait.


  1. But can you actually have a stateless society in a world still dominated by states?

  2. Anarchist Catalonia did fairly well as a stateless society for the three years it lasted, before it was destroyed by fascists/capitalists and marxist backstabbers.

  3. You just repeat a bunch of crap that Chomsky wrote. What an unoriginal answer. Probably couldn't even find Catalonia on a map.

  4. 1) I'm no longer a chomskyite. I think he's killing anarchism.

    2) I know exactly where Catalonia is. In fact, I might be moving there after college.

    3) You are clearly a troll. Fuck off please.